Friday, December 23, 2005

Short Cuts: December '05

Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek
d. Jason Kulbel/Rob Walter, 2005

Interesting enough, I guess, if you're smitten with Bright Eyes, et al (I am), but hardly a film. Its entirety consists of self-congratulatory back-patting interviews with the various members of the Lumberjack/Saddle Creek entourage. We learn that Cursive's Tim Kasher is the reigning genius, Conor Oberst is the wunderkind brat, and Ted Stevens is the unsung hero of the Omaha scene, but we don't get at the meat of a documentary. That is, why do these people make music? What are they trying to do with their label? The auto-answer is that the point of it is the music. Well then: give us some music to listen to and watch: a desert of concert footage, etc and dry, self-aggrandizing interviews are just not the stuff - at least not in their entirety - of a good documentary.